Damn, can't people just be people?

This is what Men United is supposed to look like?

A friend of mine shared this image from "Men United" on facebook and it left me with so many questions, like:

  • What's so bad about Pokemon? I'm not playing, but I don't want to stomp on anyone that is finding a way to enjoy themselves.
  • Is it wrong to do something that you enjoy just because it isn't "manly" enough?
  • What other things might I be told not to do because it isn't "manly" enough for some random onlooker?
  • What sorts of activities are men supposed to do?
  • Who gets to decide these things? I mean, do we all get a vote, or is it just forced on us by people that couldn't live up to their own standards if they tried?
  • Why should I live my life trying to live up to a standard of what someone else thinks a man should be?

Dear "Men United,"
This isn't what men united looks like, because men united wouldn't be tearing down other men.

And you know what? Fuck you friend for even sharing this. We're under enough attack, we have enough stress in our lives, that if we want to spend our time wandering around with strangers and hanging out in parks in the middle of the night who the fuck are you to try to shame us into not doing that?

And, why I'm posting here: if I said any of this to you directly you would claim that you were "just joking" and I take things too seriously. Yeah, well, sorry I'm not funny. Words matter, and I refuse to have my manliness shamed out of me. Fuck you very much, and you can shove your Clint Eastwood memes straight up your ass.

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"How many people will share this?"

Hopefully no one. Appealing to pity isn't how virality works, and I'm disappointed that it affected someone I know to share your garbage post.

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I'm all for ignoring idiots, but...

... if they have an actual argument you have to address the argument itself instead of dismissing it out of hand.

From a Salon article:

"...Trump, a man so profoundly unqualified that sexism is the only real justification for voting for him."

This line checked me out of this article. I'm not for Trump, I think he would be terrible, but putting forth this argument downplays the very real reasons that people are voting for him, reasons like believing that he can restore the middle class or that he can protect Americans from people that want to hurt our way of life. That Trump can do those things is disproved by policy analysis of his proposals, but those are very real concerns by people and actual reasons people I know are voting for him. This Salon writer made a flippant comment that is unnecessarily dismissive of the current state of the country and shows so much bias that it prevented me from finding the will to finish reading the article.

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I'm going to be the reason Trump gets elected this year

Don't be mistaken: I'm not going to vote for him, but if he gets elected me and people like me will be the reason why. As Republicans quietly write off the 2016 elections as going to Hillary because she's the "inevitable" Democratic candidate and the Republican vote is being split by the traditional Republican Party purists that want Kasich, or maybe Ryan, but would settle for Cruz on a contested convention, and the Republican outsiders that want a candidate like Trump, they are missing the fact that the Democratic primary is also being split. Sanders has been coming up just short of Clinton everywhere that matters and at this point she is the likely Democratic nominee unless California pulls through for Sanders in a big way. She will obviously have the vote of her own supporters, and probably most of the traditional Democrats, but, here's the kicker: I'm not a Democrat. I don't think she will make a good President and I don't feel "obligated" by party affiliation to vote for her, so I won't. I like Sanders and his platform and I would vote for him regardless of the party he was running under. I will probably write in Sanders as a message to the Democratic Party that they've moved too far to the right, and myself and people like me won't get behind their candidate, and there might be enough of us that we might just damage her chances of a win in November, leaving the margin open enough for Trump to step in and take the election.

This would have been a great year for one of the third parties to field a strong candidate and actually have a shot, since both the major parties are split, but they sat around during the early stages of the primaries without declaring a candidate, and so they lost any groundswell they could have picked up. I'm really disappointed by that, but I'm not connected enough or political enough to have done anything to make a difference here. They needed to announce a candidate and they didn't so the media characterized the race as Trump versus Clinton, and what do you know: that's where we are.

I don't want to vote for Trump, but I won't vote for Clinton, not even to stop a Trump presidency, because I think she's more dangerous than Trump. Trump has no idea about constitutionality and doesn't realize that most of things he's proposing to do would be slapped down by the Supreme Court on constitutional grounds, so our risk of him doing long-term damage (in areas other than foreign policy) is minimal. Clinton, on the other hand, is a skilled lawyer and is very aware of when she's doing something wrong, but there are instances of her knowing something is illegal and choosing to do it anyway. She understands the laws enough to know when and how to skirt them and get away with it, mostly, and that's what makes her dangerous as a President. I'm not a Democrat, and I won't support her, and that might just be enough to get Trump elected. Sorry, but not sorry. My message to every party: run better candidates next time and learn how to market the good ones you have.

Edit: Just stumbled on this video which says more or less the same thing I just did, pay particular attention to his words at 2:43:

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I forgot the cardinal rule of facebook today...

Facebook is not a place for actual discussion. It has all the appearance of a place for discussion, but don't you dare try to have one! Facebook is a place to post memes trivializing important discussions down to a soundbite and seeing which of your friends agrees with your particular idiosyncracies so they may contribute to your echo chamber. God forbid you learn something or change your position on anything.

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