Do you really believe that?

Go back and take high school civics again. The constitution is meant to limit government from not overstepping its bounds into your freedom, not to limit private companies from doing things they are legally allowed to do. Don't like the behavior? Petition to have the law changed instead of requesting the constitution be repealed. Also, you're provably wrong on this issue. You're advocating spending millions of taxpayer dollars to save thousands of taxpayer dollars, with a proposal that has literally already been tried and failed with all the appropriate study, examination, and analysis. You're wrong. And you're angry at the wrong people. You're trying to hurt the people at the bottom who have no control over any part of the system instead of the people who organized, built, and maintain the system. Most annoyingly, I can't tell you any of this directly because you comprehend literally no part of any of the systems at work here. Not only can you not see the forest for the trees, you're not even aware the tree plays any part in the ecosystem. And the worst part? You don't care that you don't know.

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Can [x] get a like and share?

No. At least not from me. If you want a like and share do something interesting. Tell a story. Display a talent. That's how virality on social media is supposed to work. Instead of begging for people to care that you exist prove that your existence has merit and people will naturally care.

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Ignorance in the age of social media

There's nothing quite like an upcoming election (still over a year away!) to remind me of how bigoted so many of my friends are. They open their mouths and spout vitriol that only showcases how little they understand the world around them and the realities of the country in which they live, the daily struggles of the people they pass on the street. Their racism and small-mindedness escapes their mouths in convenient sound bites, clearly chewed up, partially digested, and vomited into their mouths by whatever mother bird media outlet most panders to their particular fears. Nothing is sourced; misinformation flows freely in every direction on the digital superhighway. Then they twist it and add their own little bits of bile to it until it is so caustic they can't hold it in their mouths anymore, at which point they spit it onto social media for the world to look on in horror. This is how I have surrounded myself.

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What does the internet look like in a post-social media world?

As I burn out on reading people's comments and responses on facebook, on reddit, and in the comment sections of articles to which I am linked I begin to wonder where the value is in reading most of these people's opinions. They are absolutely allowed to have them, and to express them even, but very often there is little value for me to read them. Most people adding comments are adding nothing new or useful to the conversation. I can't be the only one feeling this. The pundits on the news shows. The echo chamber chorus on the morning radio shows. At some point we have to tune out the inanity of it all. Just like you should be tuning this out. I wonder how the internet will change when the frustration of listening to/reading it all reaches a tipping point.

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Narcissism at its Finest

I'm not sure why I feel compelled to write my thoughts down where someone else can read them other than the narcissistic pleasure of ego masturbation. Since no one will ever actually read any of this none of it actually matters and it will serve more as a depressant than the creative outlet I intend it to be, but this time I'll just keep writing anyway. Promise.

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