Only criminals hate police, but everyone hates law enforcement

I'm not saying the vehicle isn't in violation of the law. What I'm saying is the violation wasn't visible from driving by and it didn't affect anything where it was, which means the meter maid had to drive to the top floor of a 9-story parking garage, exit their vehicle and inspect mine with the hope of finding a violation in order to find the violation they found. If you approach the task from the perspective of trying to be a dick you're a dick. Can we go back to policing the population instead of trying to just be law enforcement?

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If you promised to move elsewhere if Trump won then it's time to pack up and go because you're not a patriot.

The rest of America, the people who understand what it means to be American, will do the hard work of fixing what is broken, despite a Trump victory. If you think the American response to a little political adversity is to flee I suggest you take another American History course. You want change? Stay and make it.

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