I'm all for ignoring idiots, but...

... if they have an actual argument you have to address the argument itself instead of dismissing it out of hand.

From a Salon article:

"...Trump, a man so profoundly unqualified that sexism is the only real justification for voting for him."

This line checked me out of this article. I'm not for Trump, I think he would be terrible, but putting forth this argument downplays the very real reasons that people are voting for him, reasons like believing that he can restore the middle class or that he can protect Americans from people that want to hurt our way of life. That Trump can do those things is disproved by policy analysis of his proposals, but those are very real concerns by people and actual reasons people I know are voting for him. This Salon writer made a flippant comment that is unnecessarily dismissive of the current state of the country and shows so much bias that it prevented me from finding the will to finish reading the article.

Published on 09 June 2016 at 21h12 by Dave, tags , , ,

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