Only criminals hate police, but everyone hates law enforcement

I'm not saying the vehicle isn't in violation of the law. What I'm saying is the violation wasn't visible from driving by and it didn't affect anything where it was, which means the meter maid had to drive to the top floor of a 9-story parking garage, exit their vehicle and inspect mine with the hope of finding a violation in order to find the violation they found. If you approach the task from the perspective of trying to be a dick you're a dick. Can we go back to policing the population instead of trying to just be law enforcement?

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Does your private messaging have to do so much that you need a separate mobile app?

The Verge ran an article today highlighting that Instagram is separating out their private messaging functionality from their app into a standalone app. This is the same move that facebook made a few years ago (which made me uninstall the facebook app instead of installing their messaging app alongside). It's notable that facebook owns instagram, so the people responsible for facebook's app decision may have an influence on instagram's current app decision. But regardless, why is private messaging so heavy that they feel the need for a separate app?

As a user it's frustrating to me that they would need to install 2 apps on my phone. Facebook is one thing. All the facets of facebook should be wrapped up into one thing on my phone so I can compartmentalize all the things that go along with facebook. Instagram is one thing. I think you see where I'm going here.

This kind of highlights the re-emerging need to have a singular app merge and coalesce all the ways of contacting me into one singular feed and being smart enough to respond to you in the same way you contacted me. This was starting to gain traction in the early naughts but died out by the mid naughts. Digsby was the one that I used but I didn't really like the UI on it. I think we could reapproach this problem using modern programming and modern UI and come up with a more effortless system. Hmm, maybe that's the next thing I should build.

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Dumb Little Tasks

When discussing losing weight on a podcast I listen to, Shop Talk, one of the co-hosts mentioned that people generally recommend a food log, and the other responded: "My whole life is dumb little tasks like this, like I need one more." If that doesn't describe my whole life I don't know what does. That's the stuff I need to find and automate instead of piling more on.

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Who does Lisa Fleisher think is hoarding the wealth?

Just saw this "article" from Bloomberg pop into my news feed on Google Now: We Know Where All The Money Is Hiding

Let me save you the click: this Bloomberg staff writer (I assume) is asserting that retirees are hoarding all the money to get the economy moving because they are spending 8% less than they can comfortably afford. Um, no. If you think that 8% means anything when put against the massive wealth redistribution from the middle class to the upper class over the last 40 years you're either naive or colluding.

This argument is the bullshit designed by the wealthy to keep everyone lower than them on the economic ladder fighting among each other over the scraps leftover from the wealth grab so that they don't realize where the money actually went. Fuck you for pushing this false narrative and fuck you for trying to make retirees look bad. Most of those people are on inadequate fixed incomes until they die and they have no idea how long that will be so they need to stretch their savings out for an indefinite length of time.

Literally the only leg your argument has to stand on its that *some* of the retirees are obscenely wealthy and they fit into the group that's actually crippling middle class growth, but you've segmented poorly which makes your argument lose credibility to anyone that's even glanced at this issue.

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Offended an employee today by asking him where he found his code

"Where did you find the code you used for that task?"

"Where did I find the code?"

"I can see you wrote most of it yourself but there's pieces that I'm guessing you found on a forum somewhere, maybe stackoverflow?"

"I don’t remember but the piece that I found is the piece for remove the duplicates. line 176 to 180 maybe stackoverflow.
the other is from and old project that I did in my last job."

"Cool. It's an interesting approach. There's a couple spots I think we can tighten it up but good job."

"Hey, sincerely take care how you ask some questions. Sometimes I feel that you treat us as if we know nothing of what we do."

Dude, seriously? I was just being polite. Your code looks like you bought some commercial engraved wooden boxes and then tried to build a dresser to contain them out of loose sticks from the forest and duct tape. It's diamonds covered in dog shit and you're trying to pass it off as high-end jewelry. You didn't write most of that code, and I know that because I have to redo the entire task now because it's so far off from what should have been written that it's futile for me to try to describe what it should look like and give you a second chance.

You only found the piece for removing duplicates online? Oh, cool, so you wrote that regex piece yourself? I didn't realize you were a regex master. I still have to look that shit up every time I use it so I'll just come to you with my regex questions in the future. Shut up clown. I treat you like you know nothing because you know nothing. I wasn't mad that you looked up code online, I do that too, I just wanted to know if you have a resource that I don't know about so I can use it too. Now I know who I'm dealing with and, news flash: You're no rock star.

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Damn, can't people just be people?

This is what Men United is supposed to look like?

A friend of mine shared this image from "Men United" on facebook and it left me with so many questions, like:

  • What's so bad about Pokemon? I'm not playing, but I don't want to stomp on anyone that is finding a way to enjoy themselves.
  • Is it wrong to do something that you enjoy just because it isn't "manly" enough?
  • What other things might I be told not to do because it isn't "manly" enough for some random onlooker?
  • What sorts of activities are men supposed to do?
  • Who gets to decide these things? I mean, do we all get a vote, or is it just forced on us by people that couldn't live up to their own standards if they tried?
  • Why should I live my life trying to live up to a standard of what someone else thinks a man should be?

Dear "Men United,"
This isn't what men united looks like, because men united wouldn't be tearing down other men.

And you know what? Fuck you friend for even sharing this. We're under enough attack, we have enough stress in our lives, that if we want to spend our time wandering around with strangers and hanging out in parks in the middle of the night who the fuck are you to try to shame us into not doing that?

And, why I'm posting here: if I said any of this to you directly you would claim that you were "just joking" and I take things too seriously. Yeah, well, sorry I'm not funny. Words matter, and I refuse to have my manliness shamed out of me. Fuck you very much, and you can shove your Clint Eastwood memes straight up your ass.

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I'm all for ignoring idiots, but...

... if they have an actual argument you have to address the argument itself instead of dismissing it out of hand.

From a Salon article:

"...Trump, a man so profoundly unqualified that sexism is the only real justification for voting for him."

This line checked me out of this article. I'm not for Trump, I think he would be terrible, but putting forth this argument downplays the very real reasons that people are voting for him, reasons like believing that he can restore the middle class or that he can protect Americans from people that want to hurt our way of life. That Trump can do those things is disproved by policy analysis of his proposals, but those are very real concerns by people and actual reasons people I know are voting for him. This Salon writer made a flippant comment that is unnecessarily dismissive of the current state of the country and shows so much bias that it prevented me from finding the will to finish reading the article.

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