Does your private messaging have to do so much that you need a separate mobile app?

The Verge ran an article today highlighting that Instagram is separating out their private messaging functionality from their app into a standalone app. This is the same move that facebook made a few years ago (which made me uninstall the facebook app instead of installing their messaging app alongside). It's notable that facebook owns instagram, so the people responsible for facebook's app decision may have an influence on instagram's current app decision. But regardless, why is private messaging so heavy that they feel the need for a separate app?

As a user it's frustrating to me that they would need to install 2 apps on my phone. Facebook is one thing. All the facets of facebook should be wrapped up into one thing on my phone so I can compartmentalize all the things that go along with facebook. Instagram is one thing. I think you see where I'm going here.

This kind of highlights the re-emerging need to have a singular app merge and coalesce all the ways of contacting me into one singular feed and being smart enough to respond to you in the same way you contacted me. This was starting to gain traction in the early naughts but died out by the mid naughts. Digsby was the one that I used but I didn't really like the UI on it. I think we could reapproach this problem using modern programming and modern UI and come up with a more effortless system. Hmm, maybe that's the next thing I should build.

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No data mining allowed on facebook?

A friend of mine started a private facebook group for personal finance discussions, with the caveat that the group isn't to be used for marketing products, "business opportunities" (i.e. MLM), data mining, or recruiting. Heh, no data mining? I'm not sure you understand how facebook works. I know it's not what she meant, but it made me laugh. I joined the group anyway.

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Damn, can't people just be people?

This is what Men United is supposed to look like?

A friend of mine shared this image from "Men United" on facebook and it left me with so many questions, like:

  • What's so bad about Pokemon? I'm not playing, but I don't want to stomp on anyone that is finding a way to enjoy themselves.
  • Is it wrong to do something that you enjoy just because it isn't "manly" enough?
  • What other things might I be told not to do because it isn't "manly" enough for some random onlooker?
  • What sorts of activities are men supposed to do?
  • Who gets to decide these things? I mean, do we all get a vote, or is it just forced on us by people that couldn't live up to their own standards if they tried?
  • Why should I live my life trying to live up to a standard of what someone else thinks a man should be?

Dear "Men United,"
This isn't what men united looks like, because men united wouldn't be tearing down other men.

And you know what? Fuck you friend for even sharing this. We're under enough attack, we have enough stress in our lives, that if we want to spend our time wandering around with strangers and hanging out in parks in the middle of the night who the fuck are you to try to shame us into not doing that?

And, why I'm posting here: if I said any of this to you directly you would claim that you were "just joking" and I take things too seriously. Yeah, well, sorry I'm not funny. Words matter, and I refuse to have my manliness shamed out of me. Fuck you very much, and you can shove your Clint Eastwood memes straight up your ass.

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I forgot the cardinal rule of facebook today...

Facebook is not a place for actual discussion. It has all the appearance of a place for discussion, but don't you dare try to have one! Facebook is a place to post memes trivializing important discussions down to a soundbite and seeing which of your friends agrees with your particular idiosyncracies so they may contribute to your echo chamber. God forbid you learn something or change your position on anything.

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Dear Trump Supporters, WTF?

You're fighting for the Christian soul of the nation because you're worried about Muslim infiltration? The Constitution, that you claim to love so much, provides freedom of religion for the citizens of the United States and a separation between church and state in the government, so this is not a Christian nation. While most of the people are Christian, the government is not and there is no mandate that the people of this country are Christian, and can never be under the Constitution by design. Contrary to your xenophobic beliefs Muslims are welcome in this country and there is nothing legal you can do about them coming here.

Oh, you're posting memes about the other candidates but they only contain false information? Okay, let me refute that with a few charts and graphs, and some facts about what the truth is. Oh, you "heard Trump speak and that's enough for you" to decide to vote for him? Maybe you should research a little about economic policy from the government's standpoint instead of a business' standpoint. This country is not a business. Not going to do that? That's okay, I'm sure your chosen candidate hasn't bothered to do it either, just like you. You're posting memes to "lighten things up" during this election? Fighting sound bites with sound bites is how we prove the populace is stupid. Can we please have a serious discussion here? This shit is important.

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What's the deal with people wanting to go stay in a cabin with no electricity or running water for a month in exchange for $100,000?

Look, if you want to go stay in a cabin like that go rent one. There's plenty. No one is going to give you $100k for it, though, unless this is the advertising for some upcoming reality show of which I'm unaware. Seriously though, no one would care if you went and lived in a cabin off grid for a month. Instead of posting about it go do it. Please. That's one less car on the road for a month.

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