Those spotlight photos on the login screen on Windows 10 highlight some really beautiful places on the globe...

... but seeing them makes me sad that I'm where I am instead of somewhere more beautiful. It's a weird feeling, because I love where I live and it's a vacation destination in its own right, but most days I'm not in the vacation parts of it. I'm in the concrete jungle part of it, and it just doesn't compare. I think I'm feeling a little bit of "the grass is always greener" though. I really do love it here. Thanks for the existential crisis, Microsoft.

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Windows 10 ads make me angry

Don't build ads into your operating system. I paid for the Operating System and when I did I wasn't doing it with the intention of spending upwards of $100 for a streamlined way to deliver ads in front of my eyes. I was paying for a utility. If you think I'm not paying enough for the utility then increase the price of the utility (but don't be surprised when your userbase dwindles), but making me pay for a utility and then using that utility to advertise to me? F that. Found a great article on how to turn off some of the Windows 10 advertising, check it out: 7 ways Windows 10 pushes ads at you, and how to stop them

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Speed Up Windows 10 Downloads Folder

I have a really fast laptop (i7, 32Gb RAM, Samsung XP491 SSD) but every time I open the downloads folder I have to wait 15 or 20 seconds for it to... do something. Drives me crazy. Just show my files. I could probably just clean it out and that would help tremendously, but that's a temporary solution and I know future me is lazier than present day me, and present day me is pretty lazy. I just found a post with the answer to what it's doing: trying to generate thumbnails for everything in the folder because the folder is "optimized" for Pictures. The fix? Tell it to optimize for General Items instead of Pictures. Such a simple solution. Essentially go to the properties of the Downloads folder, click the Customize tab, and then Select 'General Items' instead of 'Pictures' in the dropdown, and click okay. Boom! Instant opening of Downloads folder. Future me is appreciative. Source:

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