Inbox Zero: Try 2 Day 0

Tried about 7 or 8 years ago and failed. GMail doesn't give me accurate counts (999+) but I just hooked up my personal GMail to my mail client at work and I see 20,815. Ouch. Gonna try to knock that down to my favorite round number.

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Only criminals hate police, but everyone hates law enforcement

I'm not saying the vehicle isn't in violation of the law. What I'm saying is the violation wasn't visible from driving by and it didn't affect anything where it was, which means the meter maid had to drive to the top floor of a 9-story parking garage, exit their vehicle and inspect mine with the hope of finding a violation in order to find the violation they found. If you approach the task from the perspective of trying to be a dick you're a dick. Can we go back to policing the population instead of trying to just be law enforcement?

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Dealing with Customer Complaints

Message from a customer: "I left my last brokerage for misleading me with false facts about performance....tell me why I shouldn't do the same with your company?" My response: "Please do. You sound like a pain in the ass customer." That's probably why they don't let me respond to customer complaints.

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"Xcel files are just databases"

Oh, buddy, not quite. Had a friend tell me this in all seriousness today. Like, I understand where you're coming from and how you're using it, and I get that you're parsing the data out of it with JavaScript to perform tasks, but you're missing out on a lot of things a database can do for you. For what you're doing Redis would probably be a better (and faster!) solution, or maybe a relational depending on the complexity and size of your data. I swear every company needs to hire a programmer and just make them sit with people to figure out ways to make their jobs easier and better.

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For Farmers Only

Took a trip to Boulder last summer and had the TV on in the hotel one night and saw a commercial advertising a dating site for farmers. It seems like such a specific niche that I wanted to make jokes about it, but the more I've thought about it the more sense it makes, and it blows me away every time I think about it that such specific niche sites exist and can be viable as a business model. It's amusing to me that the thing I was initially going to make fun of I now find incredibly motivating. Se la vie.

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Does your private messaging have to do so much that you need a separate mobile app?

The Verge ran an article today highlighting that Instagram is separating out their private messaging functionality from their app into a standalone app. This is the same move that facebook made a few years ago (which made me uninstall the facebook app instead of installing their messaging app alongside). It's notable that facebook owns instagram, so the people responsible for facebook's app decision may have an influence on instagram's current app decision. But regardless, why is private messaging so heavy that they feel the need for a separate app?

As a user it's frustrating to me that they would need to install 2 apps on my phone. Facebook is one thing. All the facets of facebook should be wrapped up into one thing on my phone so I can compartmentalize all the things that go along with facebook. Instagram is one thing. I think you see where I'm going here.

This kind of highlights the re-emerging need to have a singular app merge and coalesce all the ways of contacting me into one singular feed and being smart enough to respond to you in the same way you contacted me. This was starting to gain traction in the early naughts but died out by the mid naughts. Digsby was the one that I used but I didn't really like the UI on it. I think we could reapproach this problem using modern programming and modern UI and come up with a more effortless system. Hmm, maybe that's the next thing I should build.

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