Ignorance in the age of social media

There's nothing quite like an upcoming election (still over a year away!) to remind me of how bigoted so many of my friends are. They open their mouths and spout vitriol that only showcases how little they understand the world around them and the realities of the country in which they live, the daily struggles of the people they pass on the street. Their racism and small-mindedness escapes their mouths in convenient sound bites, clearly chewed up, partially digested, and vomited into their mouths by whatever mother bird media outlet most panders to their particular fears. Nothing is sourced; misinformation flows freely in every direction on the digital superhighway. Then they twist it and add their own little bits of bile to it until it is so caustic they can't hold it in their mouths anymore, at which point they spit it onto social media for the world to look on in horror. This is how I have surrounded myself.

Published on 29 August 2015 at 06h30 by Dave, tags , ,

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