Dear Trump Supporters, WTF?

You're fighting for the Christian soul of the nation because you're worried about Muslim infiltration? The Constitution, that you claim to love so much, provides freedom of religion for the citizens of the United States and a separation between church and state in the government, so this is not a Christian nation. While most of the people are Christian, the government is not and there is no mandate that the people of this country are Christian, and can never be under the Constitution by design. Contrary to your xenophobic beliefs Muslims are welcome in this country and there is nothing legal you can do about them coming here.

Oh, you're posting memes about the other candidates but they only contain false information? Okay, let me refute that with a few charts and graphs, and some facts about what the truth is. Oh, you "heard Trump speak and that's enough for you" to decide to vote for him? Maybe you should research a little about economic policy from the government's standpoint instead of a business' standpoint. This country is not a business. Not going to do that? That's okay, I'm sure your chosen candidate hasn't bothered to do it either, just like you. You're posting memes to "lighten things up" during this election? Fighting sound bites with sound bites is how we prove the populace is stupid. Can we please have a serious discussion here? This shit is important.

Published on 10 March 2016 at 15h29 by Dave, tags , , ,

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