Damn, can't people just be people?

This is what Men United is supposed to look like?

A friend of mine shared this image from "Men United" on facebook and it left me with so many questions, like:

  • What's so bad about Pokemon? I'm not playing, but I don't want to stomp on anyone that is finding a way to enjoy themselves.
  • Is it wrong to do something that you enjoy just because it isn't "manly" enough?
  • What other things might I be told not to do because it isn't "manly" enough for some random onlooker?
  • What sorts of activities are men supposed to do?
  • Who gets to decide these things? I mean, do we all get a vote, or is it just forced on us by people that couldn't live up to their own standards if they tried?
  • Why should I live my life trying to live up to a standard of what someone else thinks a man should be?

Dear "Men United,"
This isn't what men united looks like, because men united wouldn't be tearing down other men.

And you know what? Fuck you friend for even sharing this. We're under enough attack, we have enough stress in our lives, that if we want to spend our time wandering around with strangers and hanging out in parks in the middle of the night who the fuck are you to try to shame us into not doing that?

And, why I'm posting here: if I said any of this to you directly you would claim that you were "just joking" and I take things too seriously. Yeah, well, sorry I'm not funny. Words matter, and I refuse to have my manliness shamed out of me. Fuck you very much, and you can shove your Clint Eastwood memes straight up your ass.

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